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Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love

What are your plans this weekend? We’ve been in Texas this week visiting family and introducing everyone to Jack. We rented a couple of houses at the beach and it definitely feels like summer with the warm, salty air in our hair. Our flight here was Jack’s first ever, and thankfully he did SO WELL. He was content to be in our arms the whole time and even slept on me for an hour. Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

Now, for some links I loved this week…

1. What your gynecologist wants you to know. (Verily Magazine)

2. 15 vegan cheeses that actually taste good. (Brit + Co)

3. How did you know you were ready to have a baby? (CUP OF JO)

4. A closet before and after trying the KonMari Method of tidying. (Huffington Post)

5. What they don’t tell you about motherhood, according to Rachel Zoe. (Who What Wear)

6. Why sexy magazine covers are not empowering. (Verily Magazine)

7. 20 iPhone hacks everyone should know. (Domaine)

8. 4 terrific habits of homebodies. (Apartment Therapy)

9. My new favorite necklace is on sale for $30. (Madewell)

10. Build your own soba noodle bowls. (Camille Styles)

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