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Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love


What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow we have TWO birthday parties for Jack’s little friends, Charlie and James. One is at a park and the other is at the beach, so it’ll be nice to be outdoors and getting lots of fresh air, plus mingling with people we love, of course. Then on Sunday we’re heading over to our friends’ house to enjoy breakfast burritos and lounge on their gorgeous new deck—complete with an ocean view. We told them they can expect us to drop in for visits all summer long, haha.

Hope you get to relax a bit, too! Now, for 10 (well, 11 actually) links I loved this week.

1. A hair brush that cuts drying time almost in half. (Amazon)

2. How to do an at-home manicure (or pedicure). (Darling Magazine)

3. How to make the perfect bed. (Glitter Guide)

4. Why the return of high-waisted jeans is a good thing for womankind. (Verily Magazine)

5. An interview with Camilla Luddington from Grey’s Anatomy—I had no idea she was English! (Who What Wear)

6. The best cities for families to live—do any of you live in one of them?!? (Brit + Co)

7. An adorable striped fit and flare dress for summer. (Forever 21)

8. Would you ever wear the same thing everyday (or some version of it)? This and this article make some excellent points.

9. A pretty post-workout pony. (The Beauty Department)

10. 9 items you shouldn’t have in your home if you’re over 30. (Domaine)

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  • Renee
    April 10, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    Oh my goodness, I want to discuss the idea of wearing a “uniform” every day. I think it’s brilliant (!!!) and reading these articles you linked to helps my decision to simplify my wardrobe validated and less like I’m being lazy. Ever since having my little one (7 months ago) I just want to wear really dark jeans and some sort of white, blue, or gray top, throw on cognac leather flats and start my day. I am, however, struggling to make sure my look is still polished enough for work–I’m a teacher. Any ideas? Thanks!!

    • Kelsey Lynn
      April 14, 2015 at 5:01 pm

      I agree Renee, the articles about having a “uniform” were great reads. I enjoy playing with different styles and outfits, however recently, I have been drawn to pare down my closet to create simplicity. There is definitely pressure as a woman to have a different look every day and that it somehow implies we are more polished and professional. Men, on the other hand, can wear the same basic suit or polo and khakis everyday and no one thinks twice about it. Do you think this expectation comes from men or other women?

      I’m a teacher as well and I think you can definitely create a polished “work” version of your go-to outfits. Wear tops that are made of a high quality fabric and add simple classic accessories (like a nice watch). Not sure if you can wear jeans at your school, but if not try a pair of skinny cut black slacks. Add a blazer if you need to really dress it up.