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DIY Holiday Banner

Thanksgiving Table DIY

Hi Everyone! I’m Conni of Art in the Find and today I’m sharing with you a fun and easy (read: quick and affordable!) DIY for your Thanksgiving table & chairs. The DIY is a Yarn Pendant Banner made out of different colors of yarn. You can find yarn at your local craft store (some of you may have some at home!) for less than $2.00 a roll. (Tip: Buy at least 3 colors to create a great ombre effect.)

Here is a step-by-step Thanksgiving tutorial for you. What a great take-away for your holiday guests, right? After the holiday, guests can use these banners to hang in their entry way, on their front door, or can even be used in a baby’s room!

Hop on over to my blog for more fun style & DIY ideas! Happy Thanksgiving and happy crafting. You can also check out tips for how to style your Thanksgiving table here!





Small sticks from your nearest tree


Step 1 | Start with whichever color yarn you prefer, pulling yarn in strips making arms-length loops, counting to 20. Using scissors, cut off the yarn at the end, and then fold yarn over into a U shape.

Step 2 | Lay the top of the U shaped yarn over the middle of the stick and loop the ends under the stick and through the U. Pull to tighten. Continue this step using different colored yarn to create a color ombre effect.

Step 3 | Keep adding color to your DIY pendant banner by repeating step 2 until you have your desired results or you reach the end of the stick!

Step 4 | Create a wall fastener out of a piece of the yarn string and tie it at both ends of the stick, loose enough to allow for the Pendant Banner to hang down 7-10 inches or so.

Step 5 | Using scissors, cut a “V” by starting in center of the yarn and diagonally working your way out to the edges. And, voila! A brand new DIY pendant banner for you to hang on your holiday chairs.

Photography by Katie Beverly Photography

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  • Urban Wife
    November 25, 2014 at 11:07 am

    What a cute idea! I love how simple this craft is, especially for a DIY challenged person like myself. :)