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Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love

Happy Weekend: 10 Links I Love | Thoughts By Natalie

What are your plans for this beautiful summer weekend ahead? We’re watching a movie under the stars tonight with some friends at a local park, catching up with some family friends who are in town, and hopefully otherwise laying low (and eating ice cream!). Relaxation is the name of the game around here. I swear, sleeping is my new favorite activity. Growing a person is hard work! Hope you have a good one—catch you Monday!

Now, for 10 favorite links this week…

1. A really cute tote I can’t wait to carry around. (Love Drop Tees)

2. Peach and nectarine crisps—which also happen to be vegan and gluten-free! (A House in the Hills)

3. A really sleek and chic activity tracker. (Misfit Wearables)

4. Three orange-toned lipsticks, which apparently are all the rage this season. (A CUP OF JO)

5. DIY antler hose rack—so fun! (Going Home to Roost)

6. A serious sale at J.Crew. (J.Crew)

7. A roasted potato salad I can’t wait to make. (Camille Styles)

8. Two ways to style a shirtdress this summer. (Rue)

9. My favorite summer slip-ons. (J.Crew)

10. The 20 best new paperback beach reads. (Real Simple)

What are your plans for the weekend?

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