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Beach Hats for a Sun-Safe Summer

Beach Hats for a Sun-Safe Summer | Thoughts By Natalie

While soaking up the sun is a top priority this time of year, so is avoiding the damaging effects of those gloriously warm rays! In addition to choosing the right sunscreen, it’s wise to grab a hat on your way out the door for an additional layer of protection. Today I’m sharing a post I did for Glitter Guide recently, which features three favorite styles—and several accompanying options—to keep you safe yet chic all summer long. Here’s to fun in the sun :)


Beach Hats for a Sun-Safe Summer | Thoughts By Natalie


Floppy Hat
For maximum sun coverage and a classic look, go for a big wide-brimmed floppy. Bonus: this one is really easy to pack!

1. Merona Floppy Hat ($14.99)
2. Warehouse Floppy Hat ($34.30)
3. Laundry by Shelli Segal Valerie Straw Hat ($48)
4. Kate Spade Rio de Janeiro Crocheted Sun Hat ($228)
5. Old Navy Floppy Straw Sun Hat ($22.94)


Beach Hats for a Sun-Safe Summer | Thoughts By Natalie


Fedora or Panama Hat
Though these are technically two different styles, the lines blur on where fedoras end and panamas begin. Both provide that effortlessly cool (and slightly Sixties!) vibe we all adore. And the best part? They easily transition from the beach to happy hour!

1. ASOS Straw Fedora Hat with Western Trim ($34.30)
2. Jordan Panama Hat ($58)
3. Mossimo Fedora Hat ($12.99)
4. J.Crew Panama Hat with Contrast Ribbon ($48)
5. Tory Burch Classic Grosgrain Fedora ($95)


Beach Hats for a Sun-Safe Summer | Thoughts By Natalie


Baseball Cap
This all-American classic is always in style. Wear it with a swimsuit or a sundress for an effortlessly cool look that will keep your face in the shade (and that wild beach hair in check!).

1. J.Crew Chambray Baseball Cap ($24.50)
2. Urban Outfitters MLB Baseball Hat ($29)
3. Bailey of Hollywood Dorsan Leather Brim Baseball Hat ($50)
4. Old Navy Baseball Cap ($17.94)
5. Biltmore & Madewell Baseball Hat ($22)

What’s your go-to hat style in the summertime?



Top photo by Joyful Steps Photography; other images via Glitter Guide

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