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Four Eyes

You guys, I have a confession: I am a total glasses addict. Though only minorly vision impaired (don’t drive with me at night without corrective lenses on!), every year I like to add a pair of frames to my collection—usually about this time of year.

So with glasses on the brain, I of course ordered five pairs from Warby Parker to try on at home! Of the five, there was a very clear winner, so that makes the decision easy. That being said, I realized that the new pair I’m going to order is rather different than my previous pair, and also the pair before that…

Four Eyes // www.thoughtsbynatalie.com

My first pair of Warby Parker glasses, Sibley.

Four Eyes // www.thoughtsbynatalie.com

My second pair of Warby Parker glasses, Pierce.

My soon-to-be third pair of Warby Parker glasses, Chandler.

Do you wear glasses? What styles do you typically go for? Which brand is your favorite?

P.S. How to pick glasses for your face shape.

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