Thoughts By Natalie

True Beauties

My obsession with real beauty has been around for as long as I can remember. I always knew that beauty had to be more than what was presented to us in the glossy magazines and billboards—that surely it wouldn’t be worth our time to pursue the kind of “beauty” that has to do with looking like what our culture has decided is “pretty.”

When I started blogging, I knew I wanted to be someone who wrote about deeper issues. Though I’ve learned that it’s fun to mix in the light-hearted things—like style posts, hair tutorials, and healthy recipes—I decided to introduce a new series in 2011 that would help me highlight the unique kind of lasting beauty I saw in so many of my friends. The six-question interview series was called True Beauty, and I’m sad to say that yesterday marked one year since I’d done one of the interviews.

During my run yesterday (as well as this morning while making my coffee) I kept praying for inspiration for today’s post. What needed to be written about? What about beauty needs to be said today? What do people need to hear right now? And moments after I sent this tweet, I realized what I needed to post about today.

This series was so dear to my heart, and an amazing window into the connection between lasting beauty, our passions, the work that we do, and the God who created us. That being said, today I’d like to invite you on a trip down memory lane. Below is the name of each dear friend of mine who I had the opportunity to interview for the series. Simply click on the name to be taken to the interview and get inspiration today by seeing how those women are choosing beauty in their own lives, day after day.

Obviously, by resurfacing this series today I realize that I need to start it up again. I may tweak the questions a bit (or maybe not), and I certainly have an endless list of women I’d like to interview—more close friends I never got a chance to feature, blogger friends I’ve gotten to know in the past year or so, and perhaps even some women I admire who I’m yet to meet. I think the series has so much potential, and I hope it’s something that you’ll enjoy reading in the weeks and months to come.

Whose True Beauty interview inspired you the most? What questions would you like to see me ask in future interviews?