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Admittedly, I have totally been brainwashed by our culture to believe that thin and fit are what will make me pretty, sexy and attractive in general. I know this isn’t really news to anyone—I’m sure all of you can relate to feeling like you should look like exactly what you’re not—but then I had a thought the other day: What if I just let myself love my body as it is? What if I chose to accept the size of my hips and my bottom, rather than spend endless hours trying to change them? What if I let true health be the bottom line, rather than the cultural mold of beauty that tells me that what we look like determines our health?

Last week, I had a day when I just felt like my body was all wrong. I’m too short. I’m too curvy. I’m not toned enough. My stomach isn’t flat enough. My cheeks are chubby. My feet are too small. Lies, lies, lies (what’s new). And then, strangely, the next day my eyes were opened. It was as if a veil was removed and suddenly I had a delightful view of myself, one where my thighs and hips and curvaceous bottom were not only good enough, but super sexy. Sexy isn’t a word I ever really use to describe myself, but for that day, I totally felt it.

Before Brian and I decided that we wanted to have kids, we always said, “If we get pregnant, we’ll just decide that kids are our favorite thing.” I remembered this last week and it got me thinking, why not do that with our body types? Why not just decide that the body shape we naturally have is our favorite thing—something we celebrate and delight in? We waste so much time hating or trying to change our bodies for superficial reasons, we really could use that brain power for something else!

I know it’s easier said than done, and I know that my sudden epiphany that led me to love and appreciate my body as it is isn’t something that everyone can just instantly replicate in their own lives with the snap of a finger. But my hope for you is that my experience will inspire you to dig deeper into your reasons for hating your body type, and my prayer is that one day (very soon) you’ll decide that what you naturally have is your absolute favorite thing.

Regardless of your body type (curvy, straight, tall, short, etc), do you have trouble accepting your natural figure? Have you ever experienced a glimmer of hope where you accept yourself as you are?

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  • Emlyn
    August 28, 2014 at 4:52 am

    Don’t know how no one ever commented on this, but I really appreciate this post. I constantly say things outloud about how being tall is just the best thing ever, but secretly inside I think constantly about how nice it would be to just be two or three inches shorter. I am upset when I can’t wear heels because everyone will think I am a crazy giant. It is all pretty trivial in the end, and a true waste of energy. In the end, if I think I am beautiful and believe that, then it will show to everyone else.