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Self-Awareness //

I am notoriously self-aware. Though naturally an extrovert who delights in and gets energy from being with others, the only child part of me—and the writer part of me—will forever be introspective. I over-think everything, always know exactly how I feel at the moment, and have done the work to process through my past hurts so that I can fully understand the impact of my youth on the woman I am today.

When people tell me that I’m “so self-aware,” they usually say it in a positive, complimentary manner. But lately I’m wondering: can we ever be too self-aware for our own good?

I love that I know myself and that I naturally process through my experiences in order to move toward better understanding of who I am, how I feel and who I’m becoming—certainly it’s a positive thing when it comes to writing, blogging, and even sharing with and relating to friends. But I also find sometimes that I can’t turn my brain off. I can’t seem to stop emotionally assessing. I can’t seem to just experience—I am always analyzing. Always processing. Always navigating the impact of everything, and always looking at the direction my life is headed in.

I wonder if there is a balance that I can move toward—a way to slowly creep away from the constant self-assessment without losing the gift if self-awareness entirely. I’m sure my therapist friends (Rebecca, Nicole and April, I’m talking to you) could provide some healthy wisdom on the topic, but until then, I’m simply seeking middle ground and trying to learn to tune out to my own mind a little bit.

What do you think—is it possible to be too self-aware?

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Self-Awareness //

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