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Sunday Sessions: Sacred Coffee

Is there anything better?

It’s no secret that I cherish my mornings and find great joy in the tradition of coffee-drinking. In my life, morning coffee is sacred thing, a cherished thing, and thing that need not be messed with. I’m proud to say that this has nothing to do with caffeine, and everything to do with ritual.

The sun peeks through the blinds. The alarm goes off. Water trickles in the shower as Brian starts to get ready for the day. Maggie wiggles her way next to me on our big bed, often giving a big exhale as she settles into her new, more comfortable spot on the vacant half of the bed. My eyes slowly open and I say “good morning” to Brian to let him know I’m finally getting up. I wash my face, brush my hair, slide my feet into my moccasin slippers and walk down the stairs to start the day with a piping hot mug full of rich goodness.

The aroma, the warmth and the feeling of the mug between my hands all play a role in this special morning moment. That, and the fact that the moment I make my coffee signifies the first moment of what is usually several hours of slow awakening. To me, morning coffee feels like the first day of vacation—it’s full of newness, rest, and anticipation for what’s to come.

Backyard coffee-drinking with my love.

Sometimes Brian and I sip coffee together in the backyard before work. Other days, we treat ourselves to coffee in bed (a very luxurious treat, if you ask me). And there’s usually one day a week when Brian leaves for work before I wake up, and my coffee time is all my own—often accompanied by some time reading the bible or a devotional. Regardless of how everything unfolds, the coffee is the constant—a key ritual during the precious morning hours. It’s a reminder of hope, possibility, and the beauty in the simple things.

Sometimes, we treat ourselves to coffee in bed. It feels so luxurious.

Though coffee is nothing itself to be worshipped, it is a representation of what is good, pure and beautiful in this life—a truly sacred tradition for me each day that reminds me to slow down, breathe easy, release control and sit still for a while.

What seemingly insignificant part of your day carries a deeper, more sacred meaning?

P.S. If you’re looking for a devotional to read over your morning coffee, I recommend Jesus Calling and My Utmost For His Highest—truly two of my all-time favorite books.

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