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Non-Fiction Book Club: May Pick

Gals, I have a confession: I don’t really like to read fiction. I thought this book club would help me learn to love it because I’d be making more time to read, but the opposite seems to be true. Every time I’ve sat down to read one of our fiction book picks, I found myself downloading non-fiction books and powering through them in mere days. Thus, I’ve decided to change the course (and name) of our book club this year to be exclusively non-fiction—I hope that’s okay with you!

As I announced last month, and also yesterday, my choice for this month is Shauna Niequist’s brand new book, Bread & Wine. It’s a book I’ve been anticipating for a long time and I hope you’re as excited to read it as I am! I’m looking forward to many good discussions on this throughout the month, and I hope you’ll utilize the Facebook event page to interact with one another over the course of your reading :)

Bread & Wine is available in Kindle Edition, hardcover and even on audio for you heavy commuters out there!

Will you be reading along this month?

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