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Stunning, Glowing, Healthy & Radiant

As someone who dedicates my life to redefining beauty in culture and inspiring women to live healthy, confident lives of true beauty, I was absolutely thrilled when I saw H&M’s new beachwear campaign. Rather than the expected photoshopped and overly-thin model, H&M has opted to put a stunning, glowing, healthy woman front and center in their beachwear photo shoot…

The best part of all of this—the girl pictured is not called “plus size,” which is possibly one of the most annoying fashion terms, since it usually indicates that a woman is over a size six (yep, size six—that means I could be a plus-size model). UPDATE: the clothes she is wearing are in fact for H&M+, which is their “plus size” line, but there is still a small victory here—the fact that this beautiful woman is featured on the main H&M page for swimwear, and not labeled as “plus size” until you click through to purchase the clothing.

I want to jump around and dance for joy that slowly but surely the brands are picking up what we—the consumers—really want and celebrating different body types as truly, radiantly beautiful. Cheers to you, H&M! I will continue to buy your exceptionally low-priced clothing and wear it with joy.

What do you think of the new H&M beachwear campaign? How does it make you feel? Let’s discuss…

P.S. Do you know how beautiful you are?

Images via H&M

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