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Exercising With A Significant Other

A snapshot from a sunny hike last summer.

Recently Brian and I have been taking advantage of the extra post-work light by hiking with Maggie near our house. I’m really enjoying the exercise together lately, but it wasn’t always that way…

When we first started dating, Brian and I used to go for beach runs together all the time. Once we got engaged, we’d run around Brian’s neighborhood after work as a way to squeeze in some quality alone time together. Before our wedding, we totally stopped exercising, so a few months into our marriage, we signed up for a half marathon and spent several months training together—mostly going for jogs before the sun came up and on the weekends because we just couldn’t bear to give up precious evening hours. I guess you could say that running has always been something Brian and I have done together, until one day I suddenly changed my mind about it.

It came out of nowhere really, so maybe it was a weird hormonal thing. All I can say is that there came a point when having Brian running next to me made me really hate exercising. I didn’t hate Brian, of course, and I honestly didn’t hate running. I just hated running with Brian. So, I broke the news to him that I wanted to try exercising on my own, and though he was bummed, he took it pretty well. It was a fun season of independence in a way—I rediscovered my running playlist, tried new routes and pushed myself a little harder because I knew I could run as fast or as slow as I wanted, and I could totally walk the whole way if I wasn’t into the workout. But that season didn’t last too long.

Eventually, I started to really miss having him next to me—the time spent together, the conversations we’d have in the fresh air, the motivation that innately comes with knowing another person is counting on you for the workout. Our evening hikes are some of the best moments of my week, and they always serve to bring us closer to each other in some way. I’m glad it’s come full circle!

Do you like to exercise with your significant other? Why or why not?

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