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through my lens 3.11.13

This a series where I share snapshots from my daily life as captured through my iPhone. If you’re new to the series and would like to catch up (or just missed a few along the way), click here for past posts, and follow me on Instagram to keep up with my daily adventures. The following are photos from my “glamping” trip in Santa Barbara this past weekend with our friends Greg and Karen…

The beautiful campsite, and a stray cat we befriended.

Morning campfire {I look like a gnome}.

Blue bird.

Feeding goats {which are my second favorite farm animal}.

Making friends with llamas.

Miniature donkey!!!

Spotted: a teeny, tiny little field mouse!


Beach cruising around the Santa Barbara coastline.

Acting athletic.

Tree hugging.


Discovering beauty in unexpected places.

Would you ever go glamping? What adventures have you taken lately?

P.S. Want to do some glamping yourself? We stayed at El Capitan Canyon and I highly recommend it—especially for California girls, since it’s super easy to drive there.

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