Thoughts By Natalie


Though the first few days of March have passed, I wanted to share about the Darling Magazine Insta Challenge going on this month. If you aren’t participating yet, it’s not too late! Just pick up on the current day (or do a few retroactive posts, if you wish). Above you’ll see the instructions for part one, and in a couple of weeks I’ll post the guide for part two.

Remember to tag #DarlingInstaChallenge whenever you post your photo (if you do, your photo just might be featured on the Darling blog)! Here are my first four photos from the challenge…

1 // the beach in Del Mar

2 // my ceramic electric kettle

3 // my puppy Maggie, every single day

4 // grace: one of my favorite words & a marital must-have

Are you participating in the #DarlingInstaChallenge?

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