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Crazy For Cat Eyes

UPDATE: I tried it!! My first try was a disaster, but the third? Not so bad. See the outcome on Instagram.

Though I’ve always been (and likely always will be) a minimal makeup kind of girl, lately I’ve been eager to try the cat eye. So, I’ve rounded up a few inspiring images, plus tracked down a helpful video for anyone who is in the same boat as me and has no idea what they’re doing…

Though this would definitely be a huge jump from no eye makeup (which is my current daily standard), I don’t think it would be too difficult to do this and swipe on a little mascara before leaving the house. Love the look, too? Here’s that video I mentioned to help you get it right (note: sound is optional, as the video provides written instructions in between steps!)…

Have you ever tried the cat eye (or would you ever)? Care to offer any tips?

P.S. I found a few more helpful guides, thanks to The Beauty Department. For some extra assistance, check out Guidance Tape For Winged Liner; and for a softer look, see Soften The Line.

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