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back to the mat: week one

One week ago, I signed up for a month-long yoga membership at a local studio to satisfy my desire to get back to the mat. Since then, I’ve been to three classes and am enjoying the process of gaining flexibility, relaxing more, and learning to accept my circumstances on any given day. Here are my reflections from those first few classes…

Tuesday, January 29 // Acoustic Deep Flow with Live Music
Today I went to my first yoga class of the month-long membership I signed up for. I was a little nervous—mostly because I wanted to love the class and feel like forking over my money was really worth it—but as soon as I got to the studio my body felt calm. I chose the perfect class to kick things off with: a vinyasa flow class with live acoustic music. Yes, it was just as good as it sounds. Better, actually. I have never enjoyed a class so much! Though I left the class ultra-relaxed and ready for more, I definitely felt out of practice (especially in down dog). My hamstrings are so tight from running without stretching—whoops!

Wednesday, January 30 // Vinyasa Flow
Though tempted to wait until the evening to try another class, I knew that the later it got in the day, the less likely I would be to put on my yoga clothes and drive to the studio. So, after breakfast and walking Maggie, I headed out to attend the 9:00 a.m. class. I admit, I was nervous I would be the only one there, and that almost kept me from going at all. But, I’m glad I didn’t let that fear get to me, because the studio was packed! I guess nobody in North County San Diego has normal jobs. This class was a faster-paced flow, and I was definitely sweating. It felt a lot easier to get into down dog than it did yesterday. Progress!

Monday, February 4 // Vinyasa Gentle Flow
Today I tried a new gentle yoga class with Karen and absolutely loved it. The instructor had the most soothing voice—I absolutely melted into relaxation for the entire hour. Overall, this class was a great reminder that yoga isn’t always about sweating, but is about holistic health. I have no doubt I’ll be sore tomorrow despite the moves being “gentle,” but more importantly, I’m more relaxed and at peace today than I am when I’m not doing yoga. A win all around!

Do you practice yoga? What kind of class is your favorite?

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