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smart girls at the party

I’ve always been a pretty big Amy Poehler fan, but she as won my affections forever with her new movement, Smart Girls At The Party—an online network that celebrates and features individuals who are changing the world by being themselves.

These are just a few awesome ways they’re making a difference by encouraging young women to be more than a pretty face…

  • Featuring Smart Girls of The Week
  • Answering girls’ questions about everything from embarrassment, to body image to math.
  • Promoting a college education via Smart Girls University
  • Celebrating uniqueness with a field guide to being yourself.

It’s about time! I love seeing women in positions of influence use their power and celebrity for good. While perusing nearly everything that SGATP has to offer, I found their most recent Ask Amy video about jealously, and knew immediately it needed to be shared. Amy is clearly a woman who knows what’s up and what really matters. Struggle with jealousy? See what Amy has to say about that…

See more videos on their YouTube channel, see their website for more info (and printables!), and check them out on Facebook for updates.

Have you heard of Smart Girls? What do you think?

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