Thoughts By Natalie

my friend allie

You remember Allie, right? She’s the founder of Wonderfully Made, developer of the Body Beautiful iPhone App, and most importantly, she’s a dear friend of mine. After a trip to Israel last year, she had a profound experience and came home a changed woman in more ways than one. Internally, she felt convicted about a lot of things in her life that needed to change if she was going to be living her life for God. Externally, well, she shaved her head.

There was so much behind her decision—and too much for me to summarize here—but you can read the full story behind why she made such a drastic decision at Know Your Value. Overall, I am so inspired by her commitment to seeking true beauty in this life, and excited to see how she continues to change through this season of her life.

Have you ever had a transformational travel experience that changed you for the better?

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