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This is a previously written post that I’ve scheduled to share with you while I’m on my Christmas vacation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends! Be back January 3rd :)

For the first time since living in an apartment, I have gotten to know my neighbors. I’m not talking about just knowing their names, but actually, truly becoming friends with them. It’s such a joy to hear a knock and the door and know it’s a neighbor, not the UPS guy (unless it’s a J.Crew delivery, of course).

I love crossing the hall to sip tea with a new friend, and chatting at the bottom of the steps about how the week is going. I love that Maggie has actual dog friends, and that the people who live here actually can look past her crazy energy spurts and delight in her puppy-hood.

While I know that love your neighbor as yourself is really a challenge to love those who are difficult to love, I’m so thankful that my real life neighbors are just so easy to love as they are. I know we won’t be living in this apartment complex much forever, but I am so glad I’ve made real friends that I’ll be keeping in touch with even when we no longer share the same building number.

Have you ever made friends with your neighbors? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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