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We live in a tech age, indeed. From smartphones and iPads to e-readers and iPods, we all seem to have a few pieces of technology in our purses (or in our hands!) at any given time. The good news for is that tech gifts don’t have to be nerdy or ugly—these days, there are hundreds of options for you tech-loving ladies out there who can’t get enough technology and appreciate good, aesthetically pleasing design.

Consider this a last-minute gift idea list for friends and family, or a collection of ideas on how to spend that Christmas money Grandma gives you every year (go ahead, you have permission to skim this, bookmark it, and come back on the 26th)…

Kate Spade USB Flash Drive ($50) These adorable flash drives with personality are available in gold-tone “Whistle While You Work” or black-and-white Exclamation Point.

Native Union Pop Phone Handset ($30) Inspired by the 1950’s Bakelite phone design, this retro-inspired handset has a built in high quality speaker and microphone and a soft-touch feel. Perfect for any friend with an iPhone, iPad or Android phone. (I personally have one and LOVE it!)

Apple iPad Mini ($329) The newest version of the iPad has all of the same features as the iPad, including built-in cameras, apps, and 10-hour battery life. This version is not only smaller (you can hold it in one hand!), but also less expensive—making it much more affordable for gift-giving without being one ounce less awesome.

Kate Spade Diagonal Stripe iPhone Case ($40) I love this playful gold and white striped iPhone case from Kate Spade—perfect for anyone who has an iPhone 4. Need an iPhone 5 case? I also love the spotted Kate Spade Le Pavillion case!

Echo ‘Touch’ Tech Gloves ($29) Perfect for any tech-saavy girl who also wants to look chic. Made with touch-sensitive technology on on the index finger and thumb, she’ll be able to use her touch-screen device while keeping her hands nice and toasty.

Patterned DODOcase for J.Crew for iPad ($85) A lovely mix of old and new, this iPad case is made with classic bookbinding techniques. A fun gift for the tech-loving bookworm in your life!

Kate Spade Glitterball Blackberry Sleeve ($35) Blackberry users will love this sparkly, colorful sleeve for their device. This design is also available as an iPad sleeve!

Baggu Laptop Sleeve in Dots ($36) A handy little cotton canvas laptop sleeve—it’s perfect for travel.

Power Mate Plus for J.Crew Printed Backup Battery for iPhone ($39.50) This adorable backup battery charges through a computer and holds the charge until needed. Super tiny and oh-so-cute, it’s an ideal gift for any chic girl on the go (such as yourself).

Kate Spade Signature Spade Earbuds ($40) Designed with soft rubber buds, these headphones make listening to tunes look fabulous.

What tech gifts were on your list this year?

Image via Native Union

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  • Brian Borton
    December 20, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    I really like your new bright blue “Native Union Pop Phone Handset!” It’s pretty hilarious, and clearly more comfortable for longer calls. And it’s retro.

    • Natalie Lynn Borton
      December 20, 2012 at 11:27 pm

      Thanks babe :) I think it’s pretty darn cool—many thanks to your awesome mom who gifted it to me! Now I feel really legit when I’m making “business calls,” haha.