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This is a previously written post that I’ve scheduled to share with you while I’m on my Christmas vacation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends! Be back January 3rd :)

The following is a guest post by the lovely Elizabeth Fuller (you may remember her from the Expectations vs. Reality series you all enjoyed so much)! For all of you who have always wanted to try wearing bold lipstick and have yet to take the plunge, this one is for you…

My first time wearing lipstick in public! Totally a result of Elizabeth’s encouragement.

I am lipstick’s number 1 fan. Seriously, I totally am. I believe with my entire heart that every woman should own at least 3-4 shades that she feels brilliantly beautiful in. However, less than a year ago I felt, quite possibly like yourself, that I looked like a total clown when I put lipstick on. Something about it felt entirely unnatural and completely ridiculous. I seriously felt like every time that I dared to leave the house in lipstick, all of humanity was secretly talking about the freak they saw wearing lipstick around town. But, that’s a seriously ridiculous insecurity that I got over by simply just doing it.

When Natalie so kindly asked me to guest post about wearing a bold lipstick, I was seriously thrilled. If you, like most women I’ve encountered, are afraid of a bold lip then I have exactly the advice you need to hear to change your mind. If you’re already daring enough and have fully embraced your inner lipstick loving self, then I’m so excited to have you and I can’t wait to swap favorite colors! Either way, I think all women can pick up a new shade or two of confidence from this post, so I hope you’ll read along.

In 2012 my only resolution (because I’m not huge on making resolutions that I may or may not keep) was to wear more lipstick. I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish this considering my aforementioned insecurities, but I knew there was something oddly powerful about a bold, striking lip and I knew I needed to incorporate this into my regular beauty routine. Sometime in the first week of January I sauntered into Target and picked up 4 or 5 different tubes of lipstick in varying shades of red. I went home, tried them all and made myself leave the house in whichever one was my favorite. Was it terrifying? Definitely. Was it risky? For sure. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

You can read tons of articles about how to find the right shade for your skin tone (if you need a reference, here is a great one), but for me, it’s always been about pure experimentation. If I love the packaging and I love the color, I’ll buy it! If I end up not loving the color on me then I’ll pass it off to a girlfriend that I think it would look great on. (Lipstick can totally become a Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants movement if you let it!)

All that being said, the three shades that I truly believe every woman should have in her makeup bag this upcoming Winter season are Pink, Red and Burgundy, and I’m showing you three different options in three different price points for each color. I know, I know, you’re going to say the pink is too bright, the red is too bold and the burgundy is way too dark, but won’t you at least be willing to give it a try? Remember, the main trick is to just put it on, leave the house and be confident in knowing that you look fantastic! If you don’t feel great, just get rid of it! But I seriously think you might fall in love with how powerful you feel when you have so much positive attention being drawn to one of your greatest features!

1. Lipstick ‘Doll Pink’ // 2. NARS Lipstick ‘Schiap’ // 3. Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color ‘Sugar Blossom’

1. L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick ‘British Red’ // 2. Smashbox Be Legendary ‘Legendary’ // 3. Kate Spade Pucker Up ‘Adventure Red’

1. Milani Color Perfect ‘Chocolate Raspbery’ // 2. Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lip ‘Dazzling Plum’ // 3. Clé de Peau ‘La Beauté Enigmatiqué’ Extra Rich Lipstick ‘R10’

What do you think about the colors shared? Do you have any lipsticks that you think we should all to our makeup bags? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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