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holiday road trip essentials

Growing up in Northern California, I can remember looking forward to winter trips with friends or family up to Tahoe. Though it should only take a couple of hours to get there from the East Bay Area, with the excessive traffic and snow-covered roads, it sometimes took us up to eight or more to finally get to our final destination.

As Christmas approaches, I can’t help but think of that time fondly. There’s something exciting, invigorating and adventurous about taking a road trip. Whether with family or with friends, it’s a special time to bond and connect with those we love. With that memory in mind, I wanted to share some of my road trip essentials, just in case some of you have plans to take a journey in the car this holiday season…

  • Magazines. While books can lead to carsickness, magazines lend themselves to car reading since they’re so visually oriented. My personal favorites are Whole Living, Real Simple, InStyle, Kinfolk and, of course, Darling.
  • Snacks. Trader Joe’s is my go-to snack source (my apologies if there isn’t one near you—it’s really the best!). My road trip snack must-haves include Larabars, carrots and hummus, apples, and dark chocolate covered almonds.
  • Cozy slippers. When the car ride is longer than an hour or so, I’m a big fan of slippers to keep my feet warm and cozy (my feet seem to be perpetually cold!). I’m currently loving my moccasin slippers from Target, but I think these Luxe Faux Fur Booties are a really fabulous alternative.
  • A killer playlist. The music on the playlist is a matter of preference, but having music is an absolute must. I always love Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, Jack Johnson and John Mayer.
  • iPad with 3G. While I didn’t have an iPad back in my Tahoe road trip days, I desperately wish I did. A 3G connected one is ideal for watching movies or shows in the backseat through Netflix or iTunes.
  • Stretchy clothes. Nothing sounds quite as awful as sitting in a car for several hours wearing tight jeans. Thus, I always wear stretchy clothes when I hit the road for a long journey. Try Lululemon Wunder Unders, a soft tank or tee, and this adorable J.Crew Funnelneck Hoodie.
  • Starbucks. A holiday road trip is not a holiday road trip in my book without a Starbucks red cup in hand. I love swinging by the nearest one on my way out of town to start the trip off on the right foot.

What are your road trip must-haves?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from KIA Motors. Though I have been compensated for writing this post, all words, thoughts and recommendations are 100% my own.

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