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holiday hair roundup

The holiday season is in full effect, and that means it’s time for holiday parties! Brian and I will be attending his company party this weekend, and I have no doubt that gatherings with friends—casual and dressy alike—will happen several times before we ring in the new year.

With parties, of course, comes dressing up a bit. Even casual Christmas hangouts beg a bit more of dressiness than the usual get together. Thus, I wanted to share some fun holiday hair ideas to help you feel fabulous this holiday season…

(For instructions on each hair idea, just click on the name to be taken to the original blog post.)

Big, Soft Waves
Soft waves are classic. They work for casual and dressed-up events, and sometimes can carry over from one day to the next—when I curl my hair like this for a Friday night dinner, I find that I can often just touch it up a bit on Saturday and it looks just as nice, if not better than the first day! This look is 100% my go-to style this season.

Sock Bun

The sock bun is both playful and elegant, perfect for a company Christmas party or New Year’s event where you just want your hair pulled back and out of the way. It’s no-fuss and simple to do, which will certainly cut down on your getting-ready time (something we all can appreciate, I’m sure).

Though I haven’t yet finished this series (I promise I will one day!), I have shared a few video guides to help you with your braiding skills. The fishtail is fun for a more casual look, and the double braid/bun variation is lovely for a fancier affair.

Faux Bob
Thus is by far the most glamourous of hair styles. I love the retro feel of it! This is perfect for those of you (like me!) who have long hair and want to have a totally different look. This would work well with a dress that has a nice back detail—a cutout, an exposed zipper, etc—as all of your hair will be pulled up by your neck.

This is the only one I don’t have a photo of myself with! Jaime King will have to do :)

How do you tend to wear your hair for holiday festivities?

Image of Jaime King via Pinterest

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