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goals update #2

This year I’ve been letting you in on my personal goals, and my progress in reaching them. The theme of this update is certainly “reassessment,” as that’s exactly what I seem to have done with my goals! Click here to catch up on previous posts.

Goal 1: Read the bible in a year.
When I started the women’s bible study at my church two weeks ago, I discovered that reading my daily bible plan in addition to doing the extensive Beth Moore study we’re going through was incredibly daunting. I felt really guilty for a day or two about the whole thing, and then I considered the real goal: read the bible more. Thus, instead of make bible-reading an obligation, I’m choosing to let it be a privilege, and I’m doing that through the in-depth study of the book of James with my small group.

Goal 2: Run 25-30 miles per week.
Once again, I considered the real goal, which in this case was daily, sweat-building exercise. I’ve found that hiking and trail running with Maggie are mutually beneficial: she gets tired faster, and I get instant stress-relief from looking out at the Carlsbad hills. It’s a beautiful way to start the day (and kick off the evening, too, as Maggie requires two — yes, two — hikes a day. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty fit without the extra mileage under my belt at the moment. It’s a goal to revisit at a later date for sure.

Goal 3: Be committed and involved in our church.
As stated in goal #1, I’ve been attending the women’s bible study at our church since it started a few weeks ago. We meet on Tuesday evenings and are going through Beth Moore’s Mercy Triumphs. I love the opportunity to connect with other young women in my community, as well as feel more and more at home at the church.

Goal 4: Get published in another publication/online magazine.
If I could give any of your a nugget of advice this morning it would be this: put yourself out there. You would not believe the opportunities that will come when you dare to take a leap of faith and be willing to fail. I’m excited to say that in addition to writing for Darling Magazine, The Conversation, and Wonderfully Made, I will also soon be writing for The Glitter Guide and Fame Foundry. I feel honored to have more and more chances to do what I love!

What goals have you been working on? Have you, too, needed to adapt them along the way?

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  • Karina Koska
    October 11, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Natalie, I don’t know you but thank you for being open and share what is in your heart. You inspire me :]