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overcoming discouragement.

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It’s not secret to my friends and family that I’m pretty extreme. I love something or I hate it. I’m super excited, or I’m devastated. I’m beaming with joy, or I’m completely devastated. While I recognize that I could use a bit more moderation in my life–and am thankful that Brian’s even temperament balances me out–my natural tendency is much more black and white than grey. Though discouragement is something I rarely feel, it’s feeling that overwhelms me when it comes around.

A few weeks ago while visiting my parents, I had the privilege of hearing a Sunday sermon on this very subject by guest speaker Ray Johnston, who is the pastor at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA. He is the kind of engaging person that keeps your attention from the moment he opens his mouth to speak, but the biggest takeaway I had was his list of qualities we all need to pursue in order to be equipped to overcome discouragement:

  • God-centered.
  • Faith-focused.
  • Servant-hearted.
  • Future-oriented.

Ultimately, discouragement robs us of the joy we need to overcome difficult times.

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