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insecurity, pride and true confidence.

Good morning, girls, and happy Monday! I started reading Beth Moore’s book So Long, Insecurity a few weeks ago, and managed to chip away at more of it during a lovely, lazy Sunday morning at Starbucks with Brian. I just have to say, that woman knows how to connect with people! Every time I read something of hers I find myself feeling like I’m sitting across from a close friend, hearing the words straight from her mouth. When she says “beloved,” “dear one,” and “girlfriend,” I believe her!

If you haven’t read this book of hers yet, I definitely recommend it. I’ve learned so much already about the deep insecurities in my life that I’ve refused to deal with over the years, and it’s beautiful to finally understand and let God heal them. My favorite excerpt came from the section on pride, the one insecurity factor that is actually within our control (the others are external, like circumstances, losses, media, etc.)…

“As tempting as it may be, mustering our pride is not the answer to our culture’s vicious assault on women. We really can regain confidence without stirring up arrogance. Pride lives on the defensive against anyone and anything that tries to subtract from its self-sustained worth. Confidence, on the other hand, is driven by the certainty of God-given identity and the conviction that nothing can take that identity away.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to ditch my insecurities and my pride, and live in true confidence. I want to fully grasp my God-given identity and believe that nothing (and nobody) can take that away from me. Real confidence is rooted in our faith. Not by believing in God, but by believing God when he tells us who we are and what we’re made for.

What do you think real confidence looks like in action?

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