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no complaining, no criticizing.

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I realize my last post was based on Twitter, but I can’t help myself–it’s a major source of my information for the day! I’m inspired this morning by Beth Moore’s challenge, which is along the same line as wanting what you’ve got and the comparison game:

Go all day without complaining or criticizing a single time.

Just the thought of it is scary. When I read the tweet this morning I thought, What a great idea! I’m so in! And then immediately I became extra-aware of every complaint and critical thought in my head. I have so many of those thoughts I’ve become numb to them!

I am quick to complain when my situation isn’t what I anticipated it to be, and I am also quick to criticize–mostly myself. But what good does it do? How does it bring me closer to God? How does it help me love others and myself more fully and deeply like Jesus does? How does it make the situation better? It doesn’t.

The temperature won’t go down just because I declare that it’s too hot. I won’t get any taller because I complain that I’m short. I will not feel a smidgen more awake because I tell everyone I didn’t get enough sleep.

So for today, complaints and criticisms are not welcome. Hold me accountable if you hear me slip!

Can you go a whole day without complaining or criticizing?

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